Monday, December 20, 2010

Artist's Shop ~ Kerry Lemon, Her Portfolio HERE!

Good morning! Wow, this weekend went fast! Hope yours was really nice. :) My husband and I took my parents to a Sherlock Holmes play on Saturday in Seattle and then we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant (known for it's "Macho Burritos" that are the size of a newborn baby) afterwards. We drove for an hour looking for the Ravena neighborhood to see their Christmas light display, but got totally lost. Then we looked for a neighborhood a little closer to home and all of the lights were burned out due to a huge windstorm we had a couple of nights ago. I'm not going to give up, though. We are going to see some lights some time this week! ;)

Anyways, enough rambling....this morning I wanted to show you the work of UK artist, Kerry Lemon. There's so much I love about her style but especially the whimsy and personality in each piece. I could definitely see her illustrations hanging on my walls!

Here's a little bit more about Kerry (parts of her description will make you laugh):

"I am a freelance artist and illustrator based in Surrey UK.

I am a big fan of intricate pen drawing, soft colours, pink wafer biscuits, and oceans of tea (white, no sugar) - these four things take up the majority of my time, and any free time is spent with my lovely boyfriend Steve and our two very naughty cats Champ and Chief.

Unfortunately the cat's favourite pastime is stealing and then eating my pens and brushes, and so much of my time is spent devising new hiding places for my equipment. When not rescuing my stuff I am creating drawings for editorial, publishing and advertising clients. In addition to my illustration work I exhibit in galleries, paint murals and design creative workshops and projects.

I love to draw, particularly the natural world, and my passion for pattern and repetition is evident in the scales of a lizard, texture of a biscuit or tiles upon a roof. The chance to capture the way I see the world using only paper and a pen offers endless subject, challenge and appeal, there is nothing I would rather do."


Any kind words for Kerry? What do you appreciate about her style?


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