Raining Umbrellas


Course: Raining Umbrellas - Lessons in Creativity
Dates:Mon, Wed, and Fri; February 4th - March 1st
Duration: 4 weeks
Spaces Available: Spaces are limited to 20
Cost: Only $79 for YOU, $100 for YOU and a FRIEND (Money cannot be refunded after class begins.)


Welcome to the e-course RAINING UMBRELLAS, a 4 week long creativity e-course to inspire you and motivate you in your creative journey! If you have any further questions after reading the course description, feel free to send me an e-mail at matissecolor@gmail.com

Here's the scoop on why I called this e-course RAINING UMBRELLAS. In March 2009 I had a color consulting business and started Simply Hue to post photos of colorful homes and to feature artists, photographers, and designers who worked with color on a daily basis. I had so much fun finding beautiful photos to post on my blog and longed to be able to take photos like these myself.

One day I grabbed my simple point and shoot camera and took a country drive. I snapped anything and everything that caught my eye. From that point on I was hooked. As time passed, I noticed that there was a recurring subject that I loved to photograph....vintage umbrellas!  Soon I began receiving offers from online stock libraries, magazines, and popular blogs interested in representing and featuring my photography. Besides the positive attention my photos were receiving from these sites, there was an overflow of beautiful things that entered my life. Having a chronic illness, I'd been unable to hold a full-time job and during one of the most difficult times, photography not only brought my family some much needed income, but it became a healing and therapeutic outlet for me (If you have a few minutes I'd love for you to check out my photography shop, Simply Hue Designs.).

So to sum it up, the combination of my vintage umbrella photos and the downpour of positive things that came from them, inspired the name RAINING UMBRELLAS. My hope is that, through this e-course, I can inspire YOU to be all that you can be creatively. Read on to learn more! (Note: Raining Umbrella's is an inspirational course to fuel your creativity. It is not a business course, although we will talk about promoting your work and selling it online.)


What is included in the course?

  • Loads of inspiration and encouragement for your creative journey
  • Beautiful and colorful posts featuring the artwork of a variety of talented artists skilled in different mediums
  • The opportunity for interaction and feedback from other students
  • Optional daily creative exercises and weekly assignments
  • Podcasts and interviews with inspiring photographers, designers, and artists
  • A private website for students only
  • A list of special resources, books, and websites for creative people like yourself
  • Feedback from other students and from me (when and if you would like feedback)
  • A PDF file containing lessons from the course

What can I expect to learn?

  • How to live a creative life despite difficulties, obstacles and challenges
  • How to find your very own creative "niche" and be your best creative self
  • How to build online relationships with other creative women
  • How to inspire others through your work
  • How to set up a creative space just for YOU
  • How to get your work noticed

Because I don't have all the answers, I've invited special guests to offer wisdom and practical advice in their areas of expertise. Guests include Brittni from Paper and Stitch, Kim Klassen from Kim's Cafe', photographer Amanda from Mockingbird Blog, artist Tabitha from Tabitha Emma, photographer Keri Herer, Rachel Follett from Lovely Clusters, artist/designer Ishtar Olivera, photographer Kimberly Chorney and several more talented ladies.

Please contact me for more information!  matissecolor@gmail.com