Friday, June 4, 2010

Photographer ~ Rebe, Momentos Para Recordar

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"Photography is a magic way of keeping memories forever. You can go back there and live again those precious moments that are gone. And that is especially important when you have little children. They grow so fast, you would love to keep them babies forever...

I've enjoyed every second of these last three years since I joined Flickr. It offered me an amazing amount of talented photographers, inspiration, tips... and many good friends. Photography has become almost an obsession for me and never go out without my camera. It has opened my eyes and helped me pay attention to little details and all the beauties around me. And I keep learning something new everyday... the fun goes on!"


Thankyou for sharing, Rebe! Love your photos. :)


The softness, the sentimental subjects, the fond and sweet memories they evoke.

What do You appreciate about her photography?


  1. Ooh, these are really, really lovely! I love the understated color palette and the lighting. Gorgeous Rebe!

  2. such a mesmerized photos here..
    simply beautiful:)

  3. oh so visually fulfilling as always - thank you, Vicki, for such loveliness.

  4. Incredible tones. The DOF in the clothespin image is AMAZING.

  5. Her photos are pure memories and innocence to me. Beautiful.

  6. Oh, Vicky!!! thank you sooo much, just arrived from a trip and find this!!! it's such an honor to be here!! Thanks for letting me be a part of all the wonderful inspiration you share with us.

  7. Rebeca's photos are great, but not as great as her. She's a wonderful and very talented woman, and I'm really happy to have the chance to consider her as my friend. I love every pic of her boys, specially the feet ones. It's really a pleasure to see her pics every day.

  8. I love Rebeca's photos, Rebeca's children, Rebeca's way of she see the life... I love all about Rebeca. She's a great photographer but also a great person. Congrats Rebeca!!!

  9. Rebe is cool, Rebe is pure tenderness, Rebe is great... Rebe, I love your photos :)

  10. Love all of these so much. What a fantastic photog. Thanks for sharing her with us Vicky.

  11. The word "adorable" just fits perfectly here!!!


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~ Vicki