Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Designer ~ Elena, Tickled Pink Knits

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"My collection of luxurious & lovely handmade knitwear and knit accessories are here to tickle your fancy and delight you. I design and make all of the items you see in the Tickled Pink Knits collection in my New York-based studio. As I hope is evident in the things I create, I am head over heels in love with knitting and take great care with every stitch. I adore working with natural yarns like wools and cottons, with variegated colorways, and creating my own patterns.

New creations are regularly added to the shop. I hope you will visit often and discover fresh and original designs, featuring fabulous colors, innovative touches, and made using fine and luxurious materials."



I'm in awe of Elena's talent to knit such beautiful and intricate designs. I can barely sew on a button so her talent impresses me. Her fashions are soft, feminine, and luxurious.

What do YOU appreciate about Elena's designs?


  1. I love how those wraps look cozy and feminine at the same time! Lovely work!

  2. I LOVE that brown shawl, and the red one, too!!!! But I NEED that brown one! :) Everything you make is just lovely.

  3. camera mittens, as i call them. or texting mittens if you are one of my kids. genius gloves, with a daisy.

  4. So deliciously unique and beautiful. I am a you create patterns for your designs?

  5. Vicki, thanks so much for the feature & your kind words - it's an honor!

    And thank you for all the wonderful comments!

    Julianne - yes, I create the patterns. So far I have one formalized, for the Rococo Shawl (; more are in development. Thank you for asking.

  6. You're welcome, Elena. Your work is extraordinary and I'm honored. :)


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~ Vicki