Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fresh Contemporary Designs by Iluxo

Good morning! Hope you're having a good week so far. :) I've been home a lot this week because our pup has some anxiety issues when I leave (working on that one) and the walls are starting to echoe a bit. ;)

While searching for a wall clock on Etsy, I came across the beautiful designs of Mariko from Iluxo! Mariko creates all of the beautiful items in her shop from her apartment in Los Angeles. I'm really drawn to the crisp, contemporary, organic appearance of her pieces and am saving up to purchase one of her clocks in the near future.

Here's what Mariko says about Iluxo:

"Iluxo is a handmade fashion brand featuring necklaces, earrings, hair pins and home decor. I'm Mariko, the creator and designer of Iluxo. I like to work primarily in wood, leather, and acrylic, using as few mass produced elements to my designs as possible. Except for the most basic components, such as chains and settings, everything I carry has been drawn, drafted, and designed by me."


  1. love this Vicki, Lately I drawn into wood works. I also love Snug on Etsy. Has the brooch and the fun chopping board my self :)

  2. hmmmm i like the flower hair clip....vintage look :)

  3. Sweet, love the hair slides and the clock :)

  4. Oh wow vicki, i really love this!! That wooden pendant and clock are just so beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


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