Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Circus Themed Wedding

Halligan and Adam's Wedding found via Once Wed

Wish I had come up with this idea when we got married .... how fun! We wanted to make sure my brother could make it while he was on leave from the Air Force, so our wedding was in January .... not the month I would have chosen, but it was more important to me that my brother attend.

In college I studied (if you can call it that) Recreation Leadership. Basically, I pursued a degree in the field of "fun". Because of my background and interests I love planning events. The implementing of them stresses me out a little, but the actual planning of all of the little details, excites me. My imagination would have gone wild planning a wedding like this!

By the way, you may not know this, but Halligan Norris Smith is an assistant web photo stylist for Anthropology. She is also a homemaker, crafter, artist, and (I love this one!) a full-time fun seeker. Halligan and her extremely talented artist husband now reside in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philidelphia. :0)


  1. This looks like fun! And is really inspiring. We won't get married as I don't love the idea but would love to organize a big party for our family and dearest friends :)
    Hihi, another thing we seem to have in common Vicki: the love for planning events. I worked in this area for a while and really love to organize. Now I am the organizing housewife ;) but I hope it will change in the future as step by step I am winning my 'fight' against CFS ...

  2. This is a good post. I'm happy to read it. Thanks for sharing.


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