Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ruche's Holloween Costume Ideas

I received an e-mail from Ruche this morning called "Pumpkin Patch - A Ruche Halloween". I love the costumes they put together and thought I'd show them to you!

Do you still dress up and do something fun for Halloween? The last several years it was my (by choice) responsibility to pass out candy to all the cute little dragons, princesses, hobo's, and kittens that came to our front door. My Mom, daughter, and I did this together for several years and it's a tradition I'm really going to miss. It was especially fun to watch my Mom's eyes light up every time she opened the door to see a new tiny smiling face. She's just so cute. I'm not sure what we'll do now that we live in a condo in the city. Maybe I'll just have to spend a little money and get myself a Halloween costume and go do something fun!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, enjoy Autumn and all of the beauty and festivities it brings!

**** To see the first photo I've posted of our new home, check out my personal blog, I WONDER! :)

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