Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Faded Memories

Good morning. :) I'm heading out the door in a little while to visit my Mom and Dad, but wanted to post my newest photo, "Faded Memories". I've had this small Regal camera for several months, along with an idea of what I wanted to do with it. The pen I found on Etsy just a few days ago. It's really old and well-loved and I think it makes a nice addition to the photo. It's so nice when a photo or art project turns out the way you pictured it in your mind, isn't it?

O.k., here's your "thought-provoking" question of the day. With all of the rain and snow we've been having in Seatte I find that I'm doing a lot more indoor photography, collages, etc. What types of projects do you work on when the weather is bad? If you have a photo on your blog, leave a link to it in the comments section below. I just might choose a few of your projects to post on Simply Hue this week! :)


  1. It's been raining all day and with weather like this I really indulge in planning for warmer months. I went on a crazy spree of designing a fully handsewn Spring wardrobe yesterday, and I also love scouting around the 'net for projects that feel summery. I also write a lot more when the weather is bad!

  2. Wow, Libby....I'm impressed! You sound really creative! I'd love to see your designs for your wardrobe. :)

  3. Just found your blog...and so glad I did. You have a really great eye for interesting things. I like your style. Inspiring.)

    Best Wishes

  4. Hi, saw you featured on Picnik, I like your stuff! Bad weather aside, I still go out in it to get my pics, as you can see in my most recent posts on my blog. But there are the still lifes and such too, buttons, whatever I find laying around the house.

    Have a great (if not snowy) day!

  5. I would probably either make jewelry or draw or edit photos. Here's my photo blog:

  6. I love the old postcard and camera ! It's a really good shot of faded memories...

    When the weather is bad here (ie : most of the time) or when I have no time for shooting outside (because of job or my little girl or so), I take tabletop picture, or macro or details. You can see them in my flickr photostream here :

    And i wish you a happy new year, Vicky. Thanks again for your creative challenge which i am delighted to follow again in 2011.

  7. Oups I made a mistake : my photostream link is here

    Have a nice day


  8. So interesting to hear what you do on bad weather days. Thanks for sharing! I'm off to visit your blogs!

  9. Hello,
    I really like the composition of the picture.

  10. I create my favorite ~ handmade cards... :)... of course, I subscribe to your blog because your photos are beautiful and the colors so inspiring!

  11. Thanks everyone. :)

    Miss Vio, do you have photos of your cards? I'll have to check out your blog!

  12. This is so beautiful & so sweet. I truly love it. I found your blog through this photo when I was searching for something a couple of weeks ago. I just love this photo! I want to write a letter to someone I love, when I see it!
    Have a great Wednesday!

  13. Aw, thanks, Heather! This is the only one of my photos that I actually printed out to put in my own home. :)

  14. This is such a pretty photo. Everything about it appeals to me~!
    Happy Valentines Day Vicki! :)


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