Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Color Collage ~ SHERBET, by Sweet William

Sweet William is one of the most delightful shops on Etsy if you ask my opinion. With whimsical and fun illustrations in "sherbety" tones by artists and sisters, Shelly and Paula, you'll want to set aside some time to look around (and drool). Got your favorite beverage in hand? Then, relax and enjoy your visit!

Their Shop ~ Sweet William, Their Blog ~ Sweet William, Their Flickr ~ Paula Mills Photostream

What do you like most about Sweet William?

P.S. So, how's this for keeping my posts shorter this Summer? I still want to make a point of featuring talented artists, designers, and photographers but in a briefer format. I think I did it! ;)


  1. I truly, truly love your posts - always makes me smile. :-)

  2. Oh my I love their illustrations!! Would fit perfectly om my walls!!! Thank you Vicki!

  3. Goodness, thank you for sharing that! All of their prints are just charming! I <3 "she climbs the mountains" and the hot air balloon print. Totally adding those to my wish list :)

  4. I love Sweet Williams shop and the alphabet print is one of my favorites!

  5. Hi Vicki
    Thanks so much - we are flattered! Shelley and Paula, Sweet William


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