Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just for Fun ~ Charlotte Ronson Campaign 2008

I saw this video on So Very Pretty this morning and just wanted to share it with you. I speak very little French (2 years in Highschool) so I'm assuming it's not profane. lol. If anyone knows what it says, please share with us in the comments section! :)


  1. Hi Vicki!
    first tell you that yes, I understand what the song says the problem is that my English is very bad lol. the singer is Carla Bruni, the current wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy and the truth is that I don't have very good feelings for her ... she is not one of my favorite singers lol
    ok,i try to translate the song with the translator ... sorry if it is not very clear!

    Love, not me,
    All these "always"
    It is not clear, it plays tricks
    It goes without show
    As a traitor velvet
    It hurts me, or get tired, depending on the day

    Love, it's worthless,
    I'm worried about everything,
    And that is disguised as soft
    When it thunders, when it bites me
    So yes, it's worse than anything
    Because I want to, ahem, more,

    Why do lots of fun, thrills, caresses, the poor promises?
    What good is left back
    The heart pounding,
    Do not understand it,
    It is an ambush

    Love it does not,
    It's not St. Lawrence
    It does not fall perfectly
    If I do not think my style is not for lack of trying,
    And love.... i drop!

    Of what use this heap of fun, thrills, caresses, the poor promises?
    Why let resume
    The heart pounding,
    Do not understand it,
    It is an ambush

    Love, I am not
    I prefer long time
    I prefer the taste of the wind
    The strange taste and soft skin of my lovers,
    But love, ahem, not really!

    Bisous à tous!! :)

  2. Wow...thanks so much, Francoise! That was alot of writing for you! Interesting lyrics. lol. xoxo

  3. No profanity from the First Lady, we're safe!
    Carla Bruni is not one of my favorites singers and her husband surely is not one of my favorite French presidents but there's a couple of her songs that I love and this is one of them :)
    This video is so sweet ♥ Thanks for sharing.

  4. lol!!! I knew that Jackie would come to their defense lol!! the video is so sweet it's truth!!! :):):) and the song.... ok ok... too! hahahaha

  5. Hee, hee. Thanks for both of your comments about the video. I don't know....I love it! Maybe if I knew the First Lady I would feel different, though. ;)

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  7. Thanks so much, Janis. :)


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