Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Designer ~ Vered from Veroque

Her Shop ~ Veroque Beaded Jewelry, Her Second Shop ~ By the Belt

"My name is Vered and I live in Israel. I am the mother of two adorable children and wife to a wonderful friend.

During the year 2003 after I gave birth my daughter, I began to create art.
Soon I discovered the world of beads...
I decided this is what I wanted to do from now on.
Beads and needlework tap into my inner peace and I hope I can share that with you.

With all my heart, I enjoy seeing women wearing my jewelry...it always makes me happy.

The complex techniques I use I learned mostly from the Internet; some things I changed and added to creating various new items and techniques.

I devote hours and many days to beadwork and some are individual, "ONE OF A KIND" items.

I try to create special color combinations and designs.

Hope you will enjoy my shop and creations!"



As you can see by reading her profile above Vered puts alot of heart into her work and I think it shows. Each piece is so unique, feminine, and special.

What do YOU appreciate about her designs?

Btw, please drop by for "Art Talk" with Amanda from Mocking Bird tomorrow! It's really an inspiring article! xo


  1. Vered has a keen eye for flattering design with a creative edge--clean, feminine, classy! I think if I were to wear her work I'd feel beautiful! Wonderful feature on a wonderful artist!

  2. Dawn, I love how you phrased everything. You ar good with words...can you write my blog posts? lol.

    Thanks for your kind comments for Vered. :)

  3. Thanks again Vicki, I'm honored to be featured in your beautiful blog.
    Thank you so much Dawn, for the kind words:)

  4. Vered is a wonderful designer and a fantastic treasury curator! :)

  5. I am so excited you featured my lovely and wonderful and so talented friend Vered in your blog!!!!
    I was immense lucky to receive a wonderful bracelet from her as another gift today! Her work is delicate and subtle and her choice of color always superb! Her workmanship is astonishing and done to perfection!
    Thank you very much!!!

  6. Vicki you couldn't pick better!
    vered is an amazing artist, I love her work!
    She also has a wonderful belt shop I realy like.
    Well done Vered, all my love to you:)

  7. these images are gorgeous!!! and her jewelry is spectacular!!!

  8. Stunning work! I love the design, very detailed beadwork, and unique such shapes!
    absolutely magnificent! keep up the good work :)

  9. Vered's work is outstanding in the photos and nothing short of phenomenal in person. The atistry and sheer detail that she accomplishes are astounding. The first moment that I laid eyes on her work, I was smitten. Great interview, Vicki!

  10. Vered has a great personality - she is warm and friendly. Her love to people shows in the items that she makes for special women... Her work is very accurate and detailed which is unique.
    Great feature!!!

  11. Thank you for your comments:)

  12. Love the jewellery and also the photo styling, really great!

  13. Wow, what striking jewelry (and photography of jewelry)!


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki