Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorites from the Creative Challenge Group!

1 ~ Meandering Pear1, 2 ~ Emma G. Photography, 3 ~ Loretoidas, 4 ~ Sma Kee, 5 ~ Mallory Beth, 6 ~ Ania Maria, 7 ~ Rachel Follett

Here are a few of the entries for the new Creative Challenge Group on Flickr! Last week's theme was "Good to be a Girl" and I was so impressed with the creativity of the work that was submitted! Several ladies even created artwork and photos especially for the group. Thankyou, everyone, for your enthusiasm and participation. :)

Ready for this week's challenge? Here it is:


What are the simple things in life that bring you joy? Post them in the Simply Hue Creative Challenge Group! Feel free to be as creative as you like. Collage, draw, paint, or take a photograph. Above all, relax and have fun! For some inspiration go to Carrying On, the personal blog of Ez from Creature Comforts. Her personal blog is filled with the simple things that make life worthwhile and her photos are amazing!

On a side note, if you're part of the group (please join if you're not) and you're interested in possibly having your photos selected to be featured on Simply Hue, make sure they are a minimum of 600 pixels wide. That way I can easily download them. Thanks!

Hope you had a good weekend, friends. Mine was interesting. Alot of nerve pain in my face on Saturday but yesterday I was feeling alot better. We even went and saw Toy Story 3 (can you tell by the background music?), had a nice dinner, and brought dessert over to my parents house and celebrated with my Dad.

Have a great new week and I look forward to sharing several new artists with you and a great article for "Art Talk" on Wednesday!


  1. congratulations to this weeks picks. all so beautiful!
    : )

  2. Nice to find Simply Hue as a blog, too. All pictures are gorgeous and I'm mostly happy to see two phographers featured here, that I met in flickr recently and find their work absolutely amazing! Smaranda and Ania-Maria are such an inspiration and very lovely people, too :)

  3. Love these picks. I will try and join this week--sounds fun!

    Hoping you're feeling better today Vicki!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Love the picks they were all beautiful. Great post!

  5. You changed up the blog again! Well it looks really fresh and lovely!! Feel free to take down my link at the bottom~

    I just love these images. Creativity everywhere! I really hope I can turn some photos in this week to the group.
    Going to see Toy Story 3 tonight! Cant wait.
    So sorry about your nerve pain. I can only imagine how painful. Hope its the last for a while! :)

  6. Aw, thanks so much, Anna. That's sweet of you. :)

    Toy Story was great!


  7. Beautiful! I love those pink flowers!

  8. What a great group! I just joined and added a photo :)

  9. Yay, glad to see that you've joined and added a photo, Tali!

    Thanks for your comments everyone. :)

  10. i love them all! i strive to be this good. i am so going to join! thank you!


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~ Vicki