Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Art Talk" with Amanda from Mocking Bird

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Good morning! Sorry I'm a little late getting this post up. My sweet niece is here visiting (she drove a 4 hour drive to help me out since I've been sick lately) and we were having a great talk in the kitchen over coffee.

Anyways, I wanted to share this inspiring article written by Amanda from Mocking Bird. I love her blog (and her photos!) because she's very real and talks about things that we can all relate to...especially as artists.

When Amanda posted this on Mocking Bird she had a huge response from her readers! I hope her words inspire you as much as they inspired me. :) Enjoy!

By the way...it's Amanda's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMANDA!!! XO



"Do you ever feel that sometimes your friends don’t understand your creative passions? "passions? That the creative being inside of you is often quietly hidden from your real world? Sometimes the people that we have grown up with and shared years of friendship and relationships with are a world a way from our creative addictions. I find this hard to deal with at times and often I will hide my true passions from those I am closest to.

Most of my close family and friends do not read Mocking Bird and it’s simply because I haven’t told them about it. I’ve come a long way with blogging over the years and I almost feel like it’s too late to start sharing the little pocket of the world that I have created here.

I do however have lots of friends that I can share my creative life with but many of them live on different continents and are known to me by way of a computer screen. I love that I can chat away about photography and a creative rich life with the amazing people I’ve met through the internets, but often I wish that my close friends, whom I love dearly, understood this thing I do.

I’ve just scored a book deal and I am embarrassed to even mention it to family and friends. That’s not normal, right?!

Do you have many creative artsy friends? Maybe I was supposed to meet them at university but never did. I’d take an art class but I couldn’t paint to save my life!"


  1. I love Amanda's blog... thanks for featuring her!

  2. I often visit Amanda's blog, love her work, and am really looking forward to seeing the fruits of her collaboration with Jen Altman and Susannah Conway. Sharing your true heart on a blog really inspires others to connect with you, doesn't it? I often feel as she does regarding the absence of connection with the closest people in your life when it comes to my craft. It is a real relief to know that I am not alone.
    So happy you're spending time with your niece, Vicki, and I hope you're feeling good as new very soon. x

  3. Thanks for posting this! I love anything with Polaroids and cupcakes ;)
    I can relate too.... I thought maybe I should meet a group of creative artsy friends in college, but that didn't seem to happen.

  4. I totally relate to this! I have created this totally separate world through the blogosphere that most of my friends and family don't even understand. It's strange because I feel like everyone should read blogs or even know what they are but almost every one I know doesn't, how can that be?! I usually get blank stares when I try to explain what I do so I just stopped trying and co-exist in both worlds!

  5. I agree with her so much... sometimes those around you just can't understand your passion for art, so the blogosphere looks like a nice place to find individuals like you

  6. i'm amazed by these gorgeous images... beautiful post!

  7. Thanks for featuring me Vicki!
    And thanks for the kind words, lovely people. :)

  8. I can completely relate to this post. Most of my close friends and family don't know about my blog either because they just wouldn't get it. I'm so happy to have read these words... and to discover Amanda's blog!

  9. Vicki I hope you feel better soon. I'm sending lots and lots of healing energy your way.

  10. Thanks so much, Becky. I'm slowly getting better and I appreciate your kind words. :)

    And, your so welcome, Amanda! This is such a great topic that I think most of us can relate, too. xo

  11. i adore amanda's blog.

    waving to vicki. : )


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