Monday, March 1, 2010

Paper Flower Girl

Good morning. :) How was your weekend? Did you get some time just for you? We had a lazy Saturday but went to Seattle for the volunteer event yesterday. It was so cool because the event was held in a 1905 mansion. The couple hosting the event had so many amazing vintage collections (my camera was itching to come out of it's case)and a casual welcoming style of decorating. Not to mention, there were some great "eats"! lol.

Anyways, have you heard of Paper Flower Girl? I ran across their beautiful Etsy Shop over the weekend and wanted to share a few of their elegant pieces of jewelry with you. I'm always in awe of jewelry designers because I tried my hand at jewelry making several years ago and was all thumbs. Her jewelry is so tastefully designed and has such a nostalgic and vintage feel to it.

Here's an excerpt from Paper Flower's Etsy Profile:

"Paper Flower Girl is a line of feminine, nostalgic and delicate {jewelery} and {home wares} created with a combination of new and vintage materials ranging from metal to fabric. Every {souvenir • du • passé • récent} created in my studio is labeled, numbered and classified as if it were a {museum object} in a {cabinet of curiosities}.

People and their collections and possesions are a constant inspiration to me, ever since I learned how to walk I would be facinated by old objects. I continued to do so during high school; my favorite classes being anatomy, history and art history. Four years ago I went to university to study archaeology. This september I will have earned my master degree."

There's also a Paper Flower Girl Website and a Paper Flower Blog! • and you can see their home tour on Apartment Therapy. :)

Have a great week, friends! I'll see you here on Wednesday with an interview with One Love Photo. :)


  1. Wow, I love those white earrings! So very stunning!

  2. Great photos of the lovely jewelry! I, too, am drawn to the white earrings. Thanks for the link.

  3. I like the first set of earrings too. Love the nostalgic and vintage feel in her works. Looking forward to the interview! ;)

  4. oh, so pretty. love the white earrings :)

  5. i love to see someone's home full of treasures. eye candy for the rest of us.

  6. thank you so much for featuring my jewelry!
    i just ran accross you post today :)
    you have an amazing blog I must say! It's going right into my favorites list :)


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