Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Love Photo

Good morning, Everyone! Here's the promised interview with One Love Photo! I met with Heather at her lovely home in Tacoma, Washington about a month ago and bombarded her with one question after another. Heather was so personable and gracious and it was a priveledge to meet one of my favorite photographers and sip tea with her at her dining room table. Unfortunately, I forgot my tape recorder (oops!) so this will be more of an article than an "interview". Enjoy and feel free to leave comments for Heather and Jon. :)

A Little Background

Heather became interested in photography in Middle School and took several photography classes in highschool. She attended the Art Institute of Seattle and taught her own highschool photography classes for 3 years while photographing weddings on the weeekends. Later Heather became an Ad Photographer for the News Tribune and shot photos for magazines. Ten years after meeting Jon, they began photographing weddings together. Both Heather and Jon are extremely creative! Jon is a skilled potter, artist, and musician and creates the homemade lenses they use for many of their photographs. Heather has other creative interests, too. In her down time she creates "beeswax clusters", which are collections of photographs printed on tissue paper and then encapsulated in wax (see examples below).

A Bit About Their Cameras and Photography Style:

To achieve their signature vintage style, Heather and Jon use a Canon Mark 2 camera with a 35 mm. and 1.4 lense. along with a vintage Hasselblad and Jon's homemade lenses. They prefer square images and prefer a method called "Selective Focus" which brings certain objects into focus and blurrs the background. One of Heather's favorite photographers is Keith Carter and this is a method he often uses.

Their Favorite Subject to Photograph:

People might think that Heather and Jon prefer photographing weddings but their real passion is photographing children because of their carefree personalities and sense of wonder.

The Greatest Challenge:

Weddings are extremely fast paced and Heather and Jon usually spend a full day and sometimes evening with each couple. They wisely divide photo sessions into half hour increments to budget their energy and manage their time.

What makes One Love Photo unique?

Besides their homemade lenses, which bring a one-of-a-kind vintage character to their photos, Heather feels it's their unique view of the world that makes their photos extraordinary.

Advice for New Photographers?

"Turn Manual Mode ON and turn Auto focus OFF. Develope an original style through your editing and what resonates with you personally."

The Future for One Love Photo

Down the road, Heather and Jon would like their photography to be more photo journalistic in style, telling a story through their images with spontaneous and candid photography sessions.

They would also like to exhibit their photos and Heather's beeswax clusters in gallery shows, teach creative and unique photography workshops, and focus on having a family of their own. With a talented duo like Heather and Jon, I'm confident that whatever they pursue in the future, it will turn to gold! :)



  1. Beautiful photos and so interesting to get to know Heather and Jon better through your interview. It must have been a real treat to meet in person!

  2. Great interview/article with Heather!
    I love their work and I especially love their children's portraits. There's something really magical about them.
    Thanks for a great post, Vicki!

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    thanks for sharing! xo. danni

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  8. thanks for sharing this wonderfully creative and inspiring duo! i love creative couples that find a way to do what they love!

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  12. As a photographer myself, I love reading about other photographers to know what they enjoy (and what they don't). They have a refreshing style and I'm interested in reading more interviews! Thank you for a great read :)


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