Monday, November 2, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Patricia Abramovich

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"My name is Abramovitch Patricia, borned Benisti. I lived in Paris and emigrated to Israel in 1972. I married to my wonderful husband who came from Lithuania and we have two extraordinary children. I began to draw and paint in 1996 and never stopped .

I use to call myself autodidact artists because I developped my art technic by myself. The ten last year i used to paint every free minute I have got and enjoyed it so much. Today I am a Member of Impact, the professional visual artists association in Israel. My work mediums are oil on canvas with painter knives and aquarelles.

Art for me is the freedom to create and to express the diversity of color from which the human soul is composed. Spreading color across a canvas is a means of meditation.
Curious to see the final results of my painting, I usually work without plan and the colors merge on the canvas on their own, using a spatula to paint reaching the texture I desire.

When working in water color (aquarelle), I allow the colors to merge with the water free to choose their direction."


  1. Yes, I too believe the human soul is composed of all colors and you express them beautifully. As I scrolled down the page with each work I oohed and ahhed my way along. The texture in your work is fantastic. I only wish I could meditate such as this :)

  2. "I usually work without plan and the colors merge on the canvas on their own", is such a GIFT!
    It truly is a gift from God which shouts loudly what a beautiful soul you have..
    Thank you for following your heart. The best artists are 'self taught".. I am enjoying your paintings each one is eye candy!
    Keep up the beautiful work,
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the blend of colors in your art. Such a happy canvas!

  4. what a great way to work, without having an idea of the final image. You have wonderful use of color, and your paintings are so filled with life!

  5. your color and brush strokes are so expressive and joyful. each painting is like a peak into your creative soul.

  6. Wow, that top image with those splashes of color! Amazing! I love it.


  7. Your paintings say WOW to me! The colors are great a long with the depth and texture. The first one is my fav.

  8. Beautiful! I love the landscape--well I love them all. Please continue your wonderful work!

  9. i want to thank to all of you personnaly
    so warm words
    thank you


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