Monday, November 2, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Cathy Carlson

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"Hello and welcome to my Art Gallery. I am the mother of two incredible children. I create and teach art out of my home-based art studio. I am passionate about my work, and frequently have many things going at one time. Although I love working in different mediums, my main medium of choice is paint, whether on a canvas or bisque. Currently, I have been busy painting vintage photo collages and custom photo collages on canvas. My style is typically whimsical and full of color."


  1. Cathy I love love love the color of the parasol with the water. And the yellow bus too. Your passion for what you do is evident in the beauty of your work. The faces of the children speak for themselves

  2. the VW bus is my favorite, :). nice use of color!

  3. Cathy, I also love the color of the parasol near the water, .. you drawings and colors exude the 'feel' of the tropics.
    love them.. and that bus is just too fun!
    Keep on keeping on and inspiration will grow.. you just inspired me while viewing YOUR ART!
    Thank you!!! This is just too fun!
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  4. Cathy, your art is absolutely beautiful! It is the kind of art I wish I could do!
    keep painting, you have such a gift!

  5. Vicki - Thank you for the spotlight feature. You have been a true blessing and your words always lift my spirit.
    Congratulations, once again, on your etsy article. As usual, very well done!
    xo ~ me

  6. Wow, what talent! So nice to see it all here. That bus by the water is too cute.


  7. beautiful work -- I love Cathie's use of color and shade!

  8. The painting of the children on the beach is just adorable. They look so happy!

  9. Your work is full of your passion. I really enjoy the first one.


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