Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunshine and Ravioli!

If the name of their shop doesn't catch your attention, their lovely vintage products will! I'm in love with Sunshine and Ravioli, an online handmade paper goods shop owned by designer, Stephanie Butler. She draws, paints, or handstamps every item in her shop. This lady's gifted! To view more of her charming, nostalgic paper goods visit her Etsy Shop or to learn more about Stephanie, you might enjoy reading her Etsy Profile.

Btw, how's your week been? Can you believe it's already Thursday? I must be getting old because time seems to passing by faster than ever! xo


  1. Her tags are so pretty! I like the squirrel with "Oh Nuts" so cute

  2. Vicki - I'm relatively new to your blog and really like the artists you feature. Stephanie's work is so wonderful, warm and cozy ... and her vignettes are beautifully arranged. Thank you for sharing this artist with me!

  3. hello, i am so happy to have found a fellow seattle-ite who has such great taste! what a great blog you have here.

  4. These are really beautiful tags! Totally bring out the vintage element.

  5. Hi Amy, I appreciate your comment. Yeah, that "nuts" one is pretty cute. lol.

    You're welcome, Barbara. I was glad I found her. She has a lot of talent. :)

    Hey, another Seattle-ite! Glad you stopped by, Anna.

    Thanks, Fiona. I like the vintage element, too!

  6. Oh my...A belated "thank you!" for such a glowing review (including these comments)! Vicki- your blog is such a great source of inspiration- I am truly honored to be included in such a wonderful list of artists...

    Thanks Again!

    Stephanie Butler


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