Friday, October 16, 2009

A Reminder ~ Calling All Artists!

Image by Scrappyshack

Good morning! Just thought I'd post a reminder for all of you artists out there. If you would like to submit your work to be featured on Simply Hue for the "SPOTLIGHT ON ARTISTS" during the first week of November, please send me a link to your shop or website at Here are a few simple guidelines:

1. Your artwork can be in any medium but needs to fit the basic aesthetic of Simply Hue. For this spotlight series I'll be taking submissions for illustrations, paintings, and mixed media collages.

* Please note that this is a spotlight on artists. I'll be featuring photographers in January and designers in March. :)

2. Send me a link to your website and/or shop (no attachments, please) and if your work is selected, I'll choose 3-4 of your pieces to post.

3. The deadline to contact me is next Wednesday, October 24th.

4. Winners will be announced Friday, October 26th in a post on Simply Hue! (I won't be contacting you individually.)

I'm looking forward to your entries. :) If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.


  1. This sounds exciting--maybe the chance to get out my brushes and open a new shop!

  2. Do it, do it! And then send me your shop link. ;)


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~ Vicki