Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Flickr Faves

My flickr favorites can be found here. After you follow this link, click on each individual photo to get a closer view and to see the photo credits.

Can't be Friday already! I'm really looking forward to this weekend, are you? Do you have any exciting plans? I don't think we have much on our schedule. I'm hoping we can take a drive to the mountains so I can get some colorful Fall photos.

Thanks for sharing another week with me. It was kind of quiet here the last few days! I'll have to think of some interesting posts to catch your attention next week. ;) Take care, friends, and have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


  1. You have a lot of really great favorites. I really like the movement in the skirt in the upper right photos. I wanted to take more fall foliage pictures this weekend but they are giving cold rain for Connecticut.

  2. Sounds familiar, Amy. It's supposed to rain all weekend in Seattle, too. I probably won't be taking too many Fall photos. :(

    Yeah, I love that skirt photo, too!

  3. lovely pictures! and yeah i have lots of plans this weekend.. and they are simply thrilling :)

  4. These are all lovely photos. I esp. like the one of the fall leaves in the bottom right. I too had grand plans to take fall photos this weekend but alas it will most likely be rained out.

  5. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Vicki!
    No special plans here. The husband is still out of town so we'll see what happens. We kind of always just go with the flow. Never actually "plan". =)

    Beautiful pictures! As always, I'm honored that you chose a few of mine to be included in yoru faves. I hope this weekend I find some inspiration to shoot something intresting. =)

  6. Have a great weekend Vicki -you have such a great eye, I could stare at all you flickr fav's forever!!! I think I may try to tackle my overgrown garden this weekend as it's suppose to be in the 80's again tomorrow!

  7. Love your faves. Looks like you have a feet fetish. ;) Beautiful as always!

  8. What a lovely collection! My faves are the autumn leaves and the girl sitting on the huge pumpkin!

  9. Hee, hee.....I noticed that, too, Rachel. Lots of feet/shoe/boot photos. Trust me, no foot fetish here. lol.

    Leslie, I miss you! I'll visit your blog soon!

    Have a great weekend, everyone. :)

  10. Really nice photos. I love all of them. They're so optimistic! :)
    My weekend went too fast. My mum had birthday. Then I met with my boyfriend and our friends. One of good memories from this weekend is that I stopped argue between me and my boyfriend's brother. I'm so happy, because I don't like to be in argue or beeing angry. It was nice weekend, but too short. :(

    How was yours? Did you enjoyed your weekend?

    xoxo from Poland.
    Kasia. :)

  11. Hi Kasia, thanks for asking! I had a nice weekend....nothing to eventful. It was kind of nice just catching up on housework and relaxing.

    Glad you had a good one and were able to make peace with friends. Conflict's no fun! Have a good week. :)


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~ Vicki