Monday, October 19, 2009

Fresh & Feminine Living

All images via Indie Rocket from Emma's Design Blogg
Look at these light and airy rooms I found this morning via Emma's Design Blogg! Ooh, aah....... Definitely a place I would want to get away to and spend lots of time in. The COLORS are FRESH and the design is CRISP and CLEAN, very typical for Scandinavian interiors. In a year or two my husband and I are planning on moving from our 1918 craftsman bungalow home and I'm seriously thinking of decorating with a lighter, airier approach. BRIGHT COLORS against WHITE are so cheerful and feminine.

What about you? Are these rooms you could live with? What's your decorating style?


  1. So fun! I especially love that little trailer!!

  2. i sooo love that hitch wagon display, i could see a traveling jewelry/art show in it! adorable!

  3. Loving all the mismatched chairs in that dining room! Very cool!

  4. I love this white room. so pretty! :)


  5. ooo love these photos, especially the second one

  6. That little trailer is so darn cute!!! I am love love loving it! eee!


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~ Vicki