Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colorful Style by Christine Haynes

All images from the Christine Haynes Collection

So glad I came across Christine Haynes photostream today on Flickr. She's such a talented designer and I love the simplicity of her designs. Her clothing has been featured in The New York Post, Los Angeles Times, and People Magazine and she's also authored a book called "Chic and Simple Clothing". I admire all of you who have the patience to sew. I end up ripping out more seams than I keep. ;)


  1. I love her lines, the way the clothing looks so uncomplicated and yet elegant :)

  2. Great finds Vicki. Love the fashion features this week. Your blog is so amazing!! Im inspired!!

  3. That third dress is adorable!

  4. Thanks, Heather. You're a sweet friend. xo


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