Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hi everyone, not being too technically inclined, it looks like I might have created a BIG problem on my blog that can't be repaired.  I'm working on things with a friend who is much better at these types of things, but it looks like I might need to start completely over on a different blog. I still can't believe I created such a mess! LESSON LEARNED:  Never delete your primary e-mail address as an administrator of your blog unless you've replaced it with another one!  It's almost laughable ... but not.  lol.

So, my new blog domain is SIMPLY HUE DESIGNS.  If I'm not able to log into this blog anymore, you'll be able to find me at this link.  I hope you'll subscribe or enter your name to receive e-mail updates.  I'd hate to lose all of you.  :(

Have a great Wednesday and please drop by and see me!  I plan on doing my first blog post later today or tomorrow.  xoxo

Big Hugs,


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