Thursday, January 24, 2013


Good morning...or should I say "afternoon"?  It's nice to be posting again today!  I've been so unfocussed this week!  Have you ever had times like that?

Anyways, here I am, and I wanted to let you know that registration for my one week e-course, DROPLETS, is now open!  I wrote this "mini" creativity e-course shortly after my very first session of teaching RAINING UMBRELLAS ended because my wonderful students were wanting more.  It ended up being a really great week together but after that, life got busier and I haven't offered it since!  Student's really seemed to enjoy the lessons, the art work, the optional assignments and creative exercises, and the support and encouragement from me and from other students. And the length of the class fits most people's schedules (just 5 days long) since we're all so busy with family, jobs, and other commitments.

I'm happy to announce that I'm offering DROPLETS again with a tentative starting date of February 18!  There's a chance I might move the date out one more week depending on enrollment.

To register just follow THIS LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll find the very recognizable Pay Pal button.  :)

So excited about this and hope you'll be a part of it with me!!  xo


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