Thursday, January 17, 2013


Good morning everyone.  :)  I'm so happy to be back!  I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks and as you might have guessed, I got hit really hard with an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) flare up that had me laying flat on my back for 24 hours a day.  Oh, it was getting so hard to be still and unproductive.  I read a couple of novels, watched the entire 4th. season of MONK and rested a ton.  I'm feeling mostly better but still not 100 percent.  Thanks for your patience as I was forced to neglect my blog.  Usually blogging is such amazing therapy for me, so some days I really missed it (and you).  xo

Just thought I'd post a few photos that just sold in my Etsy shop.  I think my customer did a wonderful job at creating a set of photos for her children's play room.  I never thought of putting these pieces together as a collection, but I think they really work!

Have a lovely rest of the day.  Hope to be back tomorrow to announce the "official" registration for Raining Umbrellas!  If you register before tomorrow you can still receive the low pre-registration price.   :)

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  1. Aw! Happy to see you are feeling better! Those are beautiful photos. The second to last is my most favorite! Keep healthy.

    Maggie A
    Love Scrapbook


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