Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Fashion Ideas

1 ~ Crush Cul de Sac, 2 ~ Polyvore, 3 ~ Tumblr, 4 ~ Polyvore

It's fun gathering fashion ideas from the images I find on Pinterest and these Winter fashions caught my attention. I especially love the red flannel shirt and boots collage on Polyvore. If you want to find any of these clothing pieces, just follow the links above for more information. :)

What's are your favorite "go to" items of clothing for Winter? I'm going to say my flannel shirts, leggings, knee high boots, and long cozy cardigans.


  1. Lovely lovely lovely. . .

    A casual comfortable style. Great boots!

  2. I love the brown boots in The Messes of Men, I need those boots! ;-)


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~ Vicki