Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Week's Picks from the Creative Challenge!

1 ~ Ania Maria, 2 ~ RebeccaVC1, 3 ~ Leefee Studio, 4 ~ Isabelle LaFrance

Something about the color GREEN is so soothing and refreshing! Our subject last week for the Creative Challenge Group was "Mostly Green". Here are just a few of my favorite submissions. Hope you enjoy them, too. :)

Ah, here's a question for you. What's your favorite color and why? I actually have two favorite colors. One of them is GREEN and the other is BROWN. The reason I like green so much is because it's the main color you see in nature. It's refreshing and calming and brings back good memories for me. My Dad was a forest and park ranger for years so we did a lot of camping and hiking as I grew up. He taught us so many plant names I think I could give you a Botany lesson to this day!

I like BROWN because of it's warmth and because it's also a soothing and earthy color....and, it reminds me of chocolate. ;)

O.k, your turn. What's your favorite color and why?

P.S. It's the last day to enter this GIVEAWAY. I'll announce the winner tomorrow!


  1. This is a beautiful green selection, I get so much inspiration by looking at the group's entries. As for my favorite color, I never was able to pick one... I love them all, it just depends on my mood :)

  2. My favorite color is rainbow :)

  3. Oh these pictures are just wonderful!!! I love pink, soft pastel pink...yummi :-)

    Hugs/ Christina

  4. I lovee green too..especially the light lime green..and i love the green mixing with brown..or turquoise with brown.

  5. Hello Vicki!! Well, these are very beautiful!! So in order to answer your question... i actually don't know! Perhaps... lime green... and light yellow, but most of all white and light grey! Oh boy... I just named four colours :p Have a sweet evening! Hugs, Twiggs

  6. Beautiful picks!! I love the last one with the grass and sunlight sparkling. My fave color is turquoisy blue. Summery, oceany sparkly blues. :) Enjoy your week.

  7. So lovely, Vicki. I love Isabelle's photo - I can almost smell that grass.
    We share a favorite color - green is delicious in every shade. I'm also partial to teal and neutrals. That's too many colors! When your eyes are really open to the beauty around you, it's hard to narrow your appreciation of color, right?
    I just noticed that we're both on the "teal" page in Rachel's pretty Fall catalog. Yay! x

  8. Beautiful photos! My favourite color is blue and pink, i love mix this colors :)

  9. Though I love to decorate with the brighter hues, green is my favorite because I dearly love to garden and be in nature.

  10. Thanks for sharing everyone. :) It's fun to hear your favorite colors and why. xo

  11. Love the grass picture.

    My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of incredible depths (atmosphere/ocean/etc :-D).



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~ Vicki