Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picks from the Creative Challenge Group!

1 ~ A Very Story, 2 ~ Carmen Moreno, 3 ~ Isabel Pavia, 4 ~ Ivy Style33, 5 ~ Tia Bailey

Beautiful work, ladies! :)

This week's Creative Challenge theme is "ALL IN A ROW". Several artists have already posted their work and I'm impressed. I would love to see more illustrations, collages, and mixed media designs along this theme, too.

Have a great Tuesday and I'll see you here tomorrow. :)

P.S. My unexpected "something" that came up yesterday was a trail ride with my friend. I just couldn't pass it up and was really happy I didn't. It was a gorgeous day and we were out in the middle of nowhere....even went in the river and let the horses drink and splash around. I've only been on a horse about 20 times in my life but have always loved them. I know they're not everybody's thing, but for me, they're so therapeutic!

* One more note... Tia Bailey asked me to mention that she has just relisted a few of her lovely photos in her Etsy Shop. If you love vintage and dreamy, you'll really enjoy her work.


  1. Thanks so much Vicki!!!
    This make me feel happy,
    Thank you!!!!

  2. You're welcome, Carmen....I love your collage! x0

  3. Hello Vicky :)
    Thank you so SO much for choosing my Summer Love to be featured among awesome collages of incredible photographers!

    Your creative challenge group is really an inspiration. And it's great to know about your fun day yesterday! Wishing you lots and lots of them to come :)

  4. Thanks so much, Ivy. :) I'm glad you're finding inspiration from the group...it motivates me, too.

    Your collage is so "Summery" and refreshing!

  5. What beautiful pictures from the group! I need to get my butt in gear and participate better. I think I've only managed to submit an image for one challenge. Not so good. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Vicki ~
    Thanks for posting this. I did not see it until just now. What an awesome collection.



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~ Vicki