Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

Image by Me...can you tell I love umbrellas? (adding to my shop later)

Good morning. :) Just wanted to let you know that I'll be taking a little blog break today due to illness. I should be back and raring to go with the next featured artist on Monday. If you have a few minutes you might want to browse through this week's posts and leave comments for the featured artists (your name will automatically be entered in the hat to win this item from The Blue Muse, too).

Have a great weekend doing what you love! xo


  1. Get well soon, Vicky, have a break and enjoy the weekend!!

  2. i love umbrellas too, and i'm taking advantage of it since it rains a lot where i live... nice to see one against a blue sky for once though!
    get well soon vicki - and happy pentecost weekend!

  3. Just love love love your blog and wanted you to know!

  4. Oh, get well soon, Vicki!! It's really bad when you're sick... even worse when it's weekend days... :( But you'll get better soon, I bet! Your work is fabulous, just like I keep saying! Best wishes, Twiggs!

  5. oh no Vicki, im sorry to hear you're ill! hope you feel better soon - get some rest and get well friend! xo.

  6. Hope you are feeling better Vicky,take it easy and rest my friend.
    Love all your work specially the umbrellas.

  7. Ohhh myyyy. How appropriate since I just lost my fav umbrella yesterday and only noticed when I needed it today! Ha!

    Love the umbrellas...and I LOVE your blog. Get well soon! Peace!


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~ Vicki