Thursday, May 20, 2010

Designer ~ Kelly from Blue Muse Jewelry

Her Shop ~ Blue Muse Jewelry, Her Blog ~ The Blue Muse

"My name is Kelly Letky, and I am graphic artist, jewelry designer, writer, wife, mother, sister, daughter, crazy cat lady, friend, runner, photographer, knitter, gardener, and trying to be, above all, kind, caring, loving, generous, artful, and immersed in each and every moment.

I work full time as an artist, splitting my time between my freelance graphic design business and my second job as a jewelry designer. I love both my jobs and enjoy creating beautiful things--it is my goal to add beauty to my life and to yours...every day!"



Kelly's designs are simple, classic, and elegant. I'm also a fan of her photography and artwork which you can see more of on her inspiring blog, The Blue Muse!

What do YOU like about Kelly's work?


  1. Congrats, Kelly!

    I always enjoy your wonderful pictures and posts; it makes me so happy to see your beautiful jewelry featured here :)

  2. I love reading Kelly's blog and her jewellery is exquisite! Truly inspiring!

  3. Vicki, I love the colors Kelly chooses. There's a feeling of serenity and peace at the sea, and beneath a subtle but powerful movement towards a special day. ~Mia

  4. Each one of these pieces are gorgeous. Great eye, great job!!

  5. oh my, i am a huge fan of kelly! her jewellery is beyond....
    everything she does... sooo inspiring!

    hugs to you both, vicki and kelly...xxo, kim

  6. This jewellry is beautiful! The color choices are refreshing to say the least...wearing a piece of Kelly's work would be an honor.

  7. Such a great talent! Kelly's jewelry would be a real treasure to own!! She definitely knows how to create beautiful pieces of "wearable art!!"


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~ Vicki