Friday, May 14, 2010

Artist ~ Terri, Terri Conrad Designs

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"Terri Conrad is an inspiration to the creative spirit in each of us. Just a few years ago Terri started to play with a couple paint brushes and bottles of paint. With grace and a little curiosity, she created a warm and inviting environment to explore her creative and artistic abilities. Playing blossomed into natural talent that took root in both traditional and digital expression which soon led her into art licensing.

In January 2007 Terri emerged into the scrapbooking arena as a force commanding top sales for the upstart company Webster’s Pages, a division of Webster Fine Art. The success of Terri’s creative vision and unique style of art launched her licensing program and established her brand.

Terri’s modern romantic art style has a distinctive flair and elegance, softened with lovely color palettes and inspirational verses. Her use of patterns and iconic elements is rooted in the past yet fresh with interpretation. Inspired by the beauty around her and motivated to create art that inspires, encourages and nurtures the unique beauty, beloved spirit and unlimited possibilities in the female spirit, Terri’s art exhibits a sense of style that is both sophisticated and playful at the same time and often infused with her own encouraging words. Terri Conrad Designs may now be found on stationery, scrapbooking products, home decor, kitchen and bath products. Terri's products are sure to warm your heart and home."


  1. Ahhh, so nice to learn about Terri! We sell alot of her things in our store Grandiflora. People love her work! We order it over and over from a company we really love to work with. Thanks Terri for the inspirational decor...and wonderful sales! :o)

  2. Such inspirational work! I love the color palettes she uses.


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