Tuesday, December 11, 2012


You can find more photos RIGHT HERE!

Hi everyone.  :)  While browsing the web I found the coolest home with personal touches in every corner, on every shelf and wall, and on nearly every piece of furniture.  From handmade crochet throws to children's masterpieces and sentimental vintage objects, this home inspires me to add more meaningful objects to our decor.  Although I prefer a slightly more modern home, I could definitely spend time here appreciating every meaningful object and personalized nook.

Our new place (a small 1,000 square foot condo) has been a bit of a challenge for me to decorate.  First of all, when we moved here from our large 2700 square foot 1918 Craftsman Bungalow, we got rid of years and years of accumulation!  We had three garage sales and sold almost all of our furniture and decorations.  We knew we would have to really cut back in order to squeeze into this little place.

It was heart-breaking at times to go through our sentimental things and know that I couldn't hold onto everything, but it was really freeing at the same time.  I decided when we moved here that I'd keep our decorating simple, clean, and uncluttered.  I wanted a relaxed modern rustic feel and I think we're finally getting there!  It's been a little challenging to incorporate some of the special things we saved and brought with us ... I think after we've lived here for a while our personalities and the things that mean the most to us will be more evident in the appearance of our home and these images definitely inspire me to relax and personalize our tiny space.

How have you personalized your home to make it feel more like YOU?


  1. I love the last space. I am definitely learning how to make my own style flow well and not just be a cluttered mess of everything I see that I like. Would love to see pics of what you've done with your condo!

    1. Hi Angela! So sorry I'm just answering this! Many of my comments have been going into my spam box for some reason. :/

      Guess what? My condo is going to be featured in an online magazine in about a month so I'll announce it when the magazine is available. So exciting! Thanks for your interest ... that's really sweet. :)


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