Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Few Etsy Favorites

1 ~ Oldie Cameras, 2 ~ JPG Photography, 3 ~ Farmhouse Mud, 4 ~ Revel Delve, 5 ~ Ciporkin

Hi friends, how's your week going so far?  Mine has been pretty busy with visitors, special projects, and the day to day demands.  I have some exciting things I want to tell you about in a couple of weeks.  I'm working on some bridal decor items for a very special online shop.  If they like them and everything pans out like I'm hoping, I'll give you even more details and share some photos, too.  ;)

These are just a few of the things I'm drooling over from Etsy.  That camera...sigh....I could use it as a prop in some really cool photos!  I've been wanting to take a photo of some wooden pencils, but I'm not sure I can top the one I have posted above.  The pottery butterflies would fit in so perfectly with the rustic feel I'm trying to incorporate in my home (the apples wood, too), and the light airy sweater would go with just about anything.  :)

Which is your personal favorite?


  1. Exciting Vicki, can't wait until you share more of your news. Lovely etsy finds! Really love the photograph and the sweater. xo

    1. So sorry I missed your comment, Karin. I appreciate every one of them! :-)


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