Friday, February 10, 2012

Have a weekend filled with wonder ....

Photo found HERE (if you know the name of the photographer, let me know and I'll post it right away).

O.k., I know you have lots of things to do this weekend. There's probably housework to catch up on, errands to run, and budgets to balance. But, how about squeezing in some time to take in the beauty and wonder around you? Most of the tasks that seem urgent can be put off for a little while and sometimes it's more important that we relax, breathe, laugh, and cherish the simple things.

So that's my challenge to you and to myself this weekend. Let's make it a memorable one! xo


  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan. Thank you for the inspiration. I wish you a lovely weekend with wishes come true :)

    1. Thank you, Karin. :) I wish the same for you!

  2. I accept your challenge :) Hope your weekend has been a good one.

  3. Retroactively, I accept your challenge! Had a great weekend in Ireland with some best friends. Those little tasks will all have to wait for another day... Great photo!


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~ Vicki