Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Vintage Shop Tour

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to build online relationships with people with similar interests. I'm really into vintage, nostalgic, and antique (can you tell?) and get excited when I find shops that sell interesting one-of-a-kind things and sometimes they even agree to a trade! That's the case with these three shops I discovered on Etsy recently.

The first shop is Haven Vintage and it's filled with the things I'm drawn to .... industrial, modern country, and rustic chic. There are so many great and unique finds in this shop and each object has been styled so perfectly. The shop owner has a real talent for finding, displaying, and selling such unique one-of-a-kind objects!

The second shop is called Beatrice in Blue (cute name, huh?) and I recently made a trade with them for a really awesome old travel suitcase (photos to come soon!) This shop offers a variety of charming vintage finds at a great price!

And, last but not least, is a wonderful mid-century modern shop called Good Bones Vintage owned by a husband and wife team from Tampa, Florida. I recently received a cool blue Royal typewriter from them and it's a beauty! Here's what they have to say about their shop:

"We find vintage home decor, typewriters, and cameras, furnishings from mid century modern to 1970s kitsch, retro fabric, tools, industrial items and clothing to bring charm to your home, closet and craft table. We love scouting and bringing vintage treasures to our shop. Whether you'd like to add functional vintage kitchen items to your daily routine, or upcycle retro fabrics into quilts, new clothing or home decor, we hope you find something you can use or simply admire its craftsmanship! Our home was built in 1908 and inspires us every day with it's not-quite-perfect charm; a search for period door knobs to complete a room restoration might lead us to a stash that we can share with Etsy!"

Please take some time to browze these shop, support small businesses, and maybe even find a gift or two for someone you love. :)


  1. thank you so much for the wonderful feature are a doll!

  2. You're so welcome, Colleen! Your shop is awesome and it's been great getting to know you. :)

  3. So many time i was buy an item from etsy and you share same link from there and all collection are so great. I would like to buy one of them.

  4. Vicki
    Thank you for sharing the links to these great Etsy shops. Like you, I'm in love with all things vintage. There's nothing better than spending Saturdays at the flea market. I'm a photographer as well, so my "go to excuse" is that I'm looking for props. You're photography is beautiful and inspiring.

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  6. Love the pictures, vintage goods are just so endearing to admire.


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~ Vicki