Friday, December 9, 2011

Beautiful New Blog!

For photo sources follow this link!

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well and had a good week. I've been really sick with MS stuff this week and it's been a challenge to even get off the couch, honestly. Blogging and photography are like therapy to me so I've tried to squeeze in a little of each. Thanks for your visits and comments. They mean more than you know .... especially during weeks like this. xo

Just wanted to leave you a link to my friend, Trudi's, new blog. She has exquisite taste in all areas of design, art, and fashion so thought you might like to take a look and subscribe. :)

Have a great weekend! I hope to post some new photos this weekend. xo


  1. Sorry to hear that - what medication are you on? I've used Tysabri (don't know if it's called the same where you live) and it has been awesome. Not the slightest relapse or other troubles for 3 years. Ask your doc if it may be for you. :-)

  2. Hi Tina! I didn't realize you have MS. I'm sorry to hear that. :( That's great that Tysabri is working for you. I'm in between med's right now and looking for natural options. I also have a horrible face pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia that really concerns me. Thanks for your kind words, Tina. xo

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all the beauty you share.

  4. I really hope you fell better by now Vicki. Love your blog posts lately, as always :)

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  6. Vicki, thank you so much for another mention, you're fantastic. I sincerely hope that you'll feel better really soon so you'll get to fully enjoy the pre-holiday time in your new home!! Take good care of yourself, now.
    Big hugs, Trud


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