Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Guest Post from Fenny

Today I have Fenny, a very sweet friend and former Raining Umbrellas student, here to guest post! Fenny is one of the sweetest people I've met online and I feel so fortunate to know her. She lives in far off (at least it's far off to me) Indonesia where she inspires people with her colorful blog, . Enjoy Fenny's post! :)

Hello I am Fenny from f4fabulous and this post is my first guest post at Simply Hue. I am so honored to be a guest poster in a blog that I've admired very much for a long time.

Today I am sharing my beach traveling mood board. Traveling is one of the passions that I share with my lovely husband. It may seem silly that I share about beaches, as I know in some parts of the world it is currently Fall season or nearly Winter and it must be cooling outside. So I hope this post from the country that is forever Summer will make you feel warmer at heart. :)

I am very much a beach person. I have visited many beaches in a few different countries, but I am still deeply in love with Bali beaches. Bali is one small island among the 17 thousand islands in my home country, Indonesia. It is blessed with white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, rich culture and also many talented artist. Balinese themselves call Bali 'the Island of the Gods'.

When I visited California beaches during Summer this year, I still felt the cooling breeze from the wind and people were wrapped up in their jogging suits on the beach. In Bali the weather is extremely humid and the wind barely blows, so we love to wear our bikinis and Sarong to blend with the weather. Toward the end of the year, the weather is usually more forgiving, thus more people will visit the beaches. Besides beaches, shopping in Bali is a lot of fun .... from the traditional flea market to the indie boutique, all will offer you a fabulous experience! :)

Location: Nusa Dua beach - Bali via NikkoBali

On the mood board:

1. Sarong via SeeDesign

2. Beaded necklace via Erickson Beamon (Net a Porter) and this is really a splurge. But trust me, in Bali you could find the similar design with a very affordable price - sort of a teaser for you :).

3. Beaded sandals via Endless

+shop this!

Handmade Balinese lace umbrella via Uluwatu. It is a homegrown boutique which specializes in delicate handmade lace sewn by old an old-fashioned sewing machine.

I hope you enjoyed my post today and I'm looking forward to sharing my next traveling mood board with all of you again.

Thanks so much for such an inspiring guest post, Fenny. I want to pack my bags and go to the beach asap! xo


  1. Thanks dear ladies. Lovely to see you here dear Fenny. Would love to visit Bali one day: my favourite cousin and my mother-in-law already did and they fell in love with the people and the colours! :)
    Love the sarong and the necklace: here it's only 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or O degrees Celsius), so it's really freezing.
    Thanks for adding some warmth and colour to my day!


    PS: Vicki, I cross my fingers for a RU-course without technical problems from now on :)

  2. Dear Fenny, thank you so much for your inspiration. I, too, am a beach person, but I usually get to see the harsher beaches over here in Europe. Love them, too. I spent some time in California, though. The beach and the sea are my favourite places. Would love to go to Bali one day, but it's quite far away. So thanks again for sharing some Bali mood! Gorgeous pictures. Greetings from Germany. Elke


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