Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chasing the Crayon

Wow, I'm in awe. These detailed illustrations are by Tracy long of Chasing the Crayon. Tracy is a freelance artist from the UK, living in the beautiful countryside on the border of England and Wales.

She works mainly in pencil and watercolour and dabbles a bit in collage. She is inspired by words, stories, poems and very tall tall tales. Other inspiration is gleaned from choice finds in second hand bookshops or on colourful flea market stalls.

I love the eccentric and playful qualities of her work and can just imagine her illustrations gracing the pages of a children's book. Thanks for being such an inspiration, Tracy!


  1. These are fantastic! I totally agree with you too! I think these would be fantastic for book illustrations.

  2. these are vintage i like them...i saw this kind of arts in the early chilhood story books :)


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