Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can't Get Enough of These

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I am slowly building a collection of these beauties. Are you a vintage camera collector? Do you have a favorite? I have two Yashica D and my Kodak Junior...oh, and just one beloved Diana. :)


  1. Do all the cameras work? That would be a fun thing to collect.

  2. I was told that they do, but haven't tried to use them yet. Shame on me...ha, ha.

  3. I have an argus super 75 that takes square photos. Square! I am having some focus issues with it though, namely, I am awful at guesstimating distances and my pictures are coming out blurry. :(

  4. I think that's great that you're using your old cameras, Kuky! Keep at it. :)


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~ Vicki