Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Converted Mattress Factory

Images via House and Home UK

It's hard to believe that these are photos taken of rooms from a remodeled mattress factory in Melbourne, Australia! I could literally spend days indoors if these were my surroundings. Even though there's a lot of white, the rooms are very livable and practical. I think it's great that the colors aren't typical of the shabby chic style...there's coral, a rich turquoise blue, and even some olive green.

What do you like about this home? Could you see yourself living here?


  1. Hi Vicki! Dying over that chandelier, that's exactly the style I'm looking for for my bathroom, and I collect teal glass too, so this place is just up my alley with all the white and sea washed colors!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Seriously gorgeous! I could completely fall in love with that home!

  3. That chandelier in the first picture is gorgeous! And I love the use of the different shaped mirrors on the living room wall. Very cool space for a home! Can hardly believe it was a mattress factory!

  4. Go Melbourne - yeah!! (I'm an hour or so down the road in Ballarat).

    I love the little vignette of flower pics on the wall in the first photo. And, she's an obvious cushion lover, so she's 'in' in my book!

    Linda. xox

  5. That first image is my favorite! I love that stand alone closet...(i don't know the word for it...bureau?) Its lovely.

  6. Amy - Thank You Cards ShopSeptember 28, 2011 at 10:42 PM

    this space is absolutely lovely and you're so right i would have *never* guessed it's a remodeled mattress factory. i can't see myself living here, but only b/c dh wouldn't put up with a house so beautifully feminine.

  7. Vicki, I actually DID live in a mattress factory! My father bought a building to use as a weekend house on our farm and I lived in it for a year. The building still had "Golden Rule Mattress Factory" painted on the side! I LOVED IT.

  8. Che bello mi piace tutto, l’armadio, la cappelliera, gli specchi!!!


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