Thursday, April 14, 2011

Retro Decorating Inspiration

Photo via Red Jet Whistle

I'm so in love with this living room! Since we're moving in a few months, decorating has been on my mind alot more lately. I'm drawn to retro style decor as long as there are plenty of feminine touches, and this room has a good balance of both feminine and masculine features. I love the combination of warm and cool COLORS and the eclectic mix of patterns. I normally don't care for an overabundance of patterns, but this homeowner was very tasteful in their choices.

Another thing I like about this room is that most of the furniture can be bought inexpensively at thrift stores or flea markets and some of the artwork could easily be made by hand. For the large wallhanging over the sofa, you could wrap a large canvas with a retro print piece of material or even handpaint it. The simple pillow covers would be easy to sew and you could search for vintage ads on Ebay or Etsy and put them in frames purchased at the thrift store. Fun stuff!

And another plus? When I showed my husband the photo of this room, he really liked it! You'll never hear him say he "loves" anything, but he "really liked" it, and that's good enough for me. :)

Btw, Amanda made this carpet herself! Here's how she did it! To see more of Amanda's DIY projects follow this link.


  1. I love the light in the house, it's stunning :)
    And still cannot believe she made the carpet herself, wow!

  2. Hello Vicki,

    Thanks so much for posting about my apartment, your comments are right on, I love mixing colors and patterns - always trying to find the right balance!

    FYI - the folks in the first shot are not me, they're models (and friends) that helped with a photo shoot I did for Saucony.


  3. Lovely room. I agree the colours are wonderful.

  4. the living room looks so relaxing :)

  5. i'm new to your blog and just have to tell you...your playlist is right on! i've been listening to it all morning. thanks for sharing and so glad i found your beautiful blog!

  6. thanks so much, andi! i love listening to it while i put my blog posts up. lol.


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