Monday, March 21, 2011

Simply Hue Designs Fundraiser for Japan

Just a heads-up that I've decided to open my shop again for fundraising for Japan. If you purchase a photo from Simply Hue Designs any time this week (through Sunday), 30% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross. This is just a tiny drop in the bucket, but I would really appreciate it if you could help me earn a few dollars to send to them. I can't even believe the magnitude of this catastrophe! They had a special on 60 minutes last night that brought me to tears....I hate to think of anybody suffering, but especially children.

Thanks so much for your support! For another idea on how you can support our friends in Japan, visit ArtWeLove. :)


  1. You are such a special person Vicki.... xoxo

  2. thats so sweet :)

  3. Wonderful of you. I know. So sad. I cannot watch the news anymore xox

  4. this photo and the whole idea. good for you and someone far away will be moved by your thoughtfulness.

  5. brilliant and kind too.


  6. I love this! Very creative idea.


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~ Vicki