Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Textures/Actions from Linda Jackman

From Linda Jackman's Dancing Light Textures/Overlays

Another example of Linda's Dancing Light Textures/Overlays

Creme de Cocoa, Cordial Cherry, Dark Chocolate Actions

Blueberry, Lemon and Cream, Berry and Lemon Actions

Linda of Linda Jackman Photography is a sponsor here on Simply Hue and a special contact of mine on Flickr. Recently she wrote to let me know of her new Chocolate Actions and Textures. I'm really looking forward to trying these out when my camera arrives (where is it? it was supposed to come yesterday!). Visit Linda's beautiful website and blog for more information and just to stare at her gorgeous photos.

Here's a bit more about Linda's new actions:

"Just like a scrumptious dessert is the perfect final touch to a wonderful meal, Linda Jackman’s dessert box adds a delish finishing touch to your
photos. An entire box of chocolate actions equals ZERO calories... who can resist?

Subtle fillings such as blueberry, cherry, berry, lemon and espresso truffle add fantastic hues and just the right amount of flavor to your photos. All that's missing is the cherry on top!

You can also check out Linda's business Facebook page and see some examples by other photographers. If you're a photographer, you can find Linda's actions HERE, her textures HERE, and her templates HERE!

Congratulations, Linda!!! I know your new products will be a hit. :)

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