Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beautiful Watercolors by Eastwitching

Just had to pop in one more time today to show you these beautiful watercolors by Eastwitching. Oh, to be able to paint like this!

Here's an excerpt from Eastwitching's Profile:

"This is what this shop is about - raising awareness and appreciation of animals, painting them and selling art that helps protect them.

At Eastwitching, I am using my art to help people to appreciate animals and the integral part they have in our world. I hope to help raise awareness of animal rights, reduce suffering and cruelty by being able to donate what I can each month to several international charities as a result of sales my sales."

Just think, you can buy a lovely print and help an animal all at the same time! xo


  1. Очень красиво!!!Я в восторге)))Замечательные образы)))

  2. These are wonderful Vicki! I so love that rabbit and fox!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Love the bunny and the pig! :o)

  4. Oh yes I love these! I've had my eye on that fox for a while!

  5. Vicki

    Oh you have done the animals proud! Thanks for promoting me and my art! I am so glad many of your blog folowers have enjoyed looking at them. Much appreciated - Alison. Your blog is beautiful - very elegant and soulful. Alison

  6. Thankyou, Alison...that means alot to me. :) It's an honor to feature your amazing work!

  7. i love how the bunny is filled with raspberries!




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