Friday, February 4, 2011

This inspiring photo is by Farmgirl in Flipflops!

Whatever your weekend holds, I hope it's restful for you and that you are able to squeeze in some time for the things you love. :) Have a good one!


  1. Waayyyy cute blog!! =) Thanks for featuring me... you gave me the warm fuzzies. =) Hugs!

  2. Great picture!
    Lovely blog :)

  3. I always know you'll have something pretty posted whenever I stop by. Love it!

  4. vicki...i love this post!!! i adore maps and scrabble and travel and to put them all in together is just my favorite thing. thank you!
    i will try to "go somewhere" new this weekend. i have been on a "make something new" every day kick and i love the idea of going somewhere unexpected, making new ideas, new friends, new adventures. a nice welcome to the weekend...

  5. Love this photo! And happy to find a Blogger from my hometown.
    Oh how I love and miss Seattle.

  6. inspiring! Thank-you for sharing. Love this!!!


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~ Vicki