Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Home I Love....

Over the years, I've noticed a huge change in the colors I like for our home. I've gone from country blue, to burgandy and green, to neutrals. Now I'm finding that I really love a crisp white/ivory backdrop with earthy tones and touches of brighter colors here and there. On a side note, I don't care for the pillows on the couch in the middle photo (I like a few more ruffles, patterns, and colors I guess) but I love the ones on the bed!

Have you noticed that your color choices have changed alot over the years or are you attracted to a similar color palette when you repaint or change your decor?

* I found these lovely photos on Deco Photo Blog.


  1. Hi there VIcky, what a beautiful post and a very comforting home! I could just live there... I know our style differs per home: in the former home we had more browns, now we are all in whites. But in our holiday home it is a lot of different shades of blue. So yes, it changes :-).
    Have a great day,
    love Maaike

  2. hello dear! this is such a beautiful home!!! quite inspiring!!! it is huge!! :) at least for me... well, any other house will look huge in my eyes! :) ours is so tiny! lol! have a great weekend! twiggs

  3. I love this post! Very inspiring, I want to live in that house too.

  4. Yes, colors have changed in our home..used to be white walls with green tones throughout the house, but now the colors are "coffee tones" (browns/golds). These colors are very comforting and full of life. With Autumn as one of my fav seasons, it's no wonder these colors are liked :o)
    Have a great week Vicki!

  5. Beautiful selection! I've not had much decorating experience, but in my bedroom I have free reign to change it up. I'm finding that the older I get {is thirteen 'old'?}, the more cushions and art I put up. However, I've loved splashes of colour and homey touches since forever and these are becoming a lot more prominent.

  6. So pretty Vicki, I like your selections. Yes my colors change all the time, the past few years gray and white everything, with pops of color down in the kitchen. But now I find myself gravitating to more whites with pale pink and aqua accents + bright yellow and turquoise accents in the kitchen/patio. What it means, I'm not sure :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. Love hearing about your decorating and colors, ladies...thanks for sharing. :)

  8. i love the ones on the bed too, but i wouldn't mind if there was a bit of green it there. funny...i've been slowly repainting my house over the years. when we moved in i was in love with the terracotta and sunshine yellow colored walls. but now, i have taken to painting ALL the trim white and all the wall colors crip, clean, naturals. is this change of heart something that comes with age, (please say no, lol) or just with wisdom? I've voting for wisdom :)


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki