Monday, January 3, 2011

Hope Notes & This Weeks Creative Challenge

With a brand new year here, I'm sure most of us are thinking about making a fresh start or changing things up a little. I have a lot of different aspirations for 2011, but one of my primary goals is to reach out with my photography/art and touch someone else's life in even a small way. A couple of days ago I discovered the website Hope Notes and was touched by this sweet and simple idea.

Here are a few more things I hope to accomplish in the new year:

~ Start a new creative hobby. I have a few ideas in mind....collage, knitting, illustration. Whatever I do, I will post it here!

~ Get together with friends on a more consistent basis. I miss the thought of the "old days" when the women got together to support each other, help with household chores, knit, sew, bake etc. I wouldn't necessarily want to go back to those days, but I think they definitely had a good thing going.

~ Learn to compartmentalize a little better (o.k, ALOT better). Take one day, one challenge at a time

~ Paint the interior of our house (finally!). Make our computer room my studio. Add an inspiration board, maybe a vintage dress form, etc. etc.

~ Put my health first (eat right, exercise, go to important doctor appointments...the list goes on).

~ Try to come up with an idea to earn more money from home. Any thoughts on this one?

Whew! This is quite a list, isn't it? Well, with Gods help and lots of determination, I think I can tackle it. :)

What about YOU? What aspirations do you have for 2011?

Before I end this lengthy post, I just wanted to leave you a link to this weeks Creative Challenge. The prompt is "ALL WHITE". I wrote a few ideas in the discussion area. Have fun! xo


  1. Well you have and continue to inspire me Vicki! I think those are great goals and I look forward to watching you achieve each one!

    my main aspirations is to take my blog to new levels, redo my room and save save save that $$

    all my love,

  2. Vicki,
    This is a great list. Hmmmm...I do believe I should be thinking of my own list. Still love your blog and feel very inspired every time I visit.
    thanks so much and blessings to you this year!

  3. Wonderful aspirations, Vicki! I love your idea of reaching out with notes of kindness. I've been thinking about sending out a thank you card every day, or as often as I can. My word for 2011 is focus...hoping to concentrate my energies.

    1. Love your goals. I have been wanting to do the same. I think it would be a wonderful attitude adjustment. Either start the day with this, or end the day with it. Light a beautiful candle, put on a good record (yes, I still listen to records! What are they? These vinyl things....)
      Anyway, thank you for this inspiring post.

      Sincerely, with love.

  4. Sounds awesome, can't wait! Good luck !! :D

  5. this really is a sweet idea! reminds me a bit of amélie - have you seen it? if not, run to the dvd shop, you'll love the story and the polaroid colours!
    happy new year vicki, hope you'll accomplish a lot in 2011. i have some secret plans, and you'll be one of the very first to know when i've worked it all out and summoned up the courage to take the leap...
    good luck with your list (i'm totally with you on the compartmentalization bit)!
    hugs, t


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~ Vicki