Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shop ~ Olives and Pearls

Good morning! I promised myself I'd get an Artist Spotlight up this morning and Voila! I've been so lame in posting the last few weeks but haven't forgotten all of you talented artists.

Introducing Olives and Pearls! I am in love with their gorgeous chunky jewelry. They definitely have their own updated and fun style. I love the COLORS and the unique pendants they add to their larger pieces!

Here's what the artist says about herself and her work:

"Hey! My name is Dala Al-Fuwaires and I’m the designer of the trendiest jewelry and accessories in town... no, in the world!

I am an Interior Designer, art and design instructor, and self-taught crafter. My entire life is immersed in creativity and innovation... and I love it!

OLIVES and PEARLS is a showcase of my eclectic style and fun personality… so I hope you like what you see and purchase a piece that you can take into the world and make your own!"


What do you appreciate about the artist's work? Is there something you see in this lovely shop that you would like to call your own? I'll keep you posted about a possible upcoming giveaway. ;)

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