Friday, December 10, 2010

Le Meli Melo de Val

Good morning! How's your week been so far? Mine has gone by so fast and I can't say I accomplished even one creative thing. I have a lot of ideas stirring around in my head, though, but for some reason can't seem to get started! I'm hoping this weekend I can actually do something with these ideas. lol. What about you? Any creative ideas just waiting to come to fruition for you this weekend?

Just thought I'd show you some lovely necklaces from Le Meli Melo de Val (it means "mix of things"). She's a new sponsor on my blog and I just think her handmade jewelry is beautiful! She also sells some gorgeous vintage postcards from the country she lives in....France.

Have a great weekend, everyone! If I get a chance I'm hoping to post a designer spotlight. See you soon! xo


  1. hello!! well, it was more of a weekend to read some blogs i have been wanting to read a while ago! and sometimes i feel bad about not reading books, but... reading blogs count? :) i hope they do, even in a tiny percentage! :) i loved this idea with the frame and necklaces! great work! i would wear these with no doubt, though i would wear them more in the summer! hugs, twiggs

  2. Hello Twiggs, thanks for your comment, some fabrics patterns are more winter themed, though I love to wear the ones in the picture in the cold winter to brighten up my day.


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