Monday, December 6, 2010

Jackie's Shop ~ Jackie Rueda, Her Blog ~ casi en serio

Good morning! It feels so great to feel energetic after being sick since Thanksgiving. I loved catching up on your comments over the weekend and appreciated every single one of them. You're the best. :)

If you take part in the weekly/bi-weekly Creative Challenge on Flickr, the new challenge is Holiday Cheer. This one is pretty self-explanatory so I won't even elaborate. I can't wait to see your joyful holiday creations!

If you haven't already heard of Jackie Rueda I'm so honored to introduce her to you. I love her style of soft, nostalgic, and feminine! Here's a little bit about Jackie in her words:

"My name is Jackie

I'm a mother, a journalist, a TV writer and a photographer. In 2005, I moved with my husband, two girls and a cat from the colorful and chaotic hometown of Caracas to the beautiful and quaint in comparison Montreal. My love of photography made me explore, discover, enjoy and fall completely in love with my new city.

Coming from a multicultural family (my dad is French, my mom is Spanish and I was raised in Venezuela) I connect easily with people from around the world and that's why it's exciting to be a photographer in a city so culturally diverse."

Thank you for being such an inspiration, Jackie!

* What do you appreciate about Jackie's photography style? What would you personally like to implement in your own work?


  1. Jackie's photography is charming. I love the softening of every day things.

    As for my own photography...I'm working on softening it when it's right, but not overworking SOOC shots that look great. The pull toward tweaking, even when a photo doesn't need it, can be overwhelming.

  2. I'm sorry you've been sick. I'm fairly new to your blog and am enjoying it.

    I love the colors in Jackie's photography... it's soft yet vivid at the same time. Would love to be able to achieve such gorgeous color.

  3. OU her work is fabulous! so lovely!!

    so happ you are feeling better !xxoo

  4. I love the magic that appears in everything she does. When I stare at her pictures, I live in them, I can feel the mood they express.
    I´d like to write more, but is so complicated for me to explain myself in english!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Thank you so much, Vicki, this is adorable ♥

  6. These are just magical. Do you have a follow button on your blog somewhere?

  7. Beautiful photography. I think you can see the multicultural background of the artist.
    Greetings from Paris!

  8. Oh how I've missed your blog posts and spotlights. I just adore the peppermints photo - so sweet - I can completely imagine it on a Christmas card.

    If we don't cross paths before then, I hope you have the most wonderful holiday.

  9. Thanks so much, Gwen...that means alot to me. :)

  10. oh jackie is one of my favourite photographers! i find her work so tender... always with such bright but almost delicate colours, sometimes they remind us of candy! and above all this, she is such a great person herself, she really does connect with the world through her photography. great choice to be featured here!!! ;) hugs for both of you! twiggs

  11. My favorite phorographer!!! I love Jackie's work! she is A MA ZING!!!!!!


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~ Vicki